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Marie Ferguson MNHS Hypnotherapist

I recognize the difficulties that all people face when dealing with an addiction, in particular the smoking habit which may have been with them for a few years or most of their lives.  Some people may smoke only a few cigarettes a day, whilst others may smoke 20, 30, 40 or even 60 a day.  This can present serious health and breathing problems, financial worries and emotional distress both for them and their families.

The hypnosis program I use works with the power of the subconscious mind, to alleviate that emotional distress and leave that smoking habit behind.

I offer a FREE consultation to discuss what hypnotherapy involves, the issues surrounding your smoking habit and devise a plan to rid you of the habit.

Whilst the majority of my clients quit smoking within just one session, others can benefit from further support.  This is why I see the importance of offering a second aftercare session for total peace of mind.  If you are one of the few who require this session it would be taken within 30 days of treatment.

Many people think they know why they smoke but during your therapy this will be discussed in more detail.  People who are ready to quit smoking have often have the following thoughts:


  • Recognize that smoking is a physiological and psychological addiction and that whilst some people can take a single puff and become hooked immediately, others inhale, gag and never pick up another cigarette again and remain non-smokers for the rest of their lives.  If you are one of the former – just be aware that hypnotherapy is geared to deal with addictions.

  • Acknowledge that although some people find it easier than others to quit smoking easily and keep it up for years whilst others try time and time again to quit but continually lapse, there can be psychological or circumstantial reasons for this and it does not mean this will happen to you.  These issues can be addressed with hypnotherapy

  • Worry that they will not be able to resist temptation in social situations where others smoke.  This is a normal fear for all who stop smoking, and hypnosis can help calm these anxieties

  • Think physical cravings are going to prevent them from quitting

  • Worry about weight gain

  • Know the habit is a financial drain but even being in debt is not enough to help them quit

  • Are aware of the health implications and may already be on medication, use inhalers, have been diagnosed for COPD and other serious smoking related illnesses, but still cannot quit

We lead very busy lives.  My prices reflect my flexibility as I offer special opening hours to allow people to take advantage of their hypnotherapy quit smoking sessions without having to worry about taking time off work and the difficulties of trying to schedule an appointment as a result.

The cost of the program is £120.00.

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Wednesdays:       10am-8pm      

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person
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