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Impicibo  *Helping you use the power of your own mind

Are you trying to lose weight but are finding it a bit of struggle?  Or have you already lost weight but you are finding it increasingly difficult to stick to your eating plan?

When it comes to staying at an ideal weight, many people find it hard to do so long term.  Strict portion control, diet and exercise can help but lifestyle changes are often hard to implement and even harder to maintain.

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*Overcome Bad Habits

There are many slimming pills on the market.  Some of them are effective but many have dangerous side effects.  Those which have no side effects may simply not work in the first place.  When these slimming pills do work the weight is often quickly regained.  This is because the food addiction or an unhealthy approach to eating still remains.

But what if you if there was a pill with no side effects, that was totally safe and could help curb your appetite and control your cravings?

Implicibo can help you do just that.  The method used is a combination of  hypnotherapy and the placebo effect.*  Implicibo therapy convinces you that you are on a course of prescriptive weight loss pills, helping you lose weight effortlessly and easily.

The Implicibo program offers:

·       A free consultation for a full assessment of your needs

·       A hypnotherapy session to deal with your issues

One month’s supply of HPP (Hypnotherapy Placebo Pills

Hypnotherapy is used to deal with many issues however results may vary from one individual to another.  Although it can be an effective treatment for many conditions it shouldn’t be regarded as a replacement for medical evaluation or treatment, and results cannot be guaranteed.

At a total cost of £95.00.   Further supplies of HPP are available for £25.00 if required.  This price includes a 15 minute consultation.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person