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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Are you thinking about gastric band surgery?   Virtual gastric band hypnosis is an economic alternative - and the best thing is that there are none of the risks associated with invasive surgery.

Gastric Band SurgeryMany people find it easy to lose weight with a surgical gastric band, but when it comes to maintaining weight loss, a worrying proportion of patients fail to keep the weight off long term.  Although portion control and diet is a good way to lose weight, 30 percent of gastric band patients regain all the weight they lost 18-24 months later.  This is largely because although their stomachs have physically shrunk, their addiction to food remains.  It can also be partly due to the fact that many people concentrate on diet alone to maintain their weight, and after a while forget that effective changes in habit, attitudes, exercise, activity levels and lifestyle must be made to maintain a healthy weight long term.  Many people do not find this process an easy one, as hunger isn’t just a biological process – it can be about feeling fed up and wanting comfort or feeling bored.

*This is why the hypnotic techniques used within the Virtual Gastric Band Programme, Virtual Gastric Band Plus Programme or Virtual Gastric Band Pro-Life Programme help to address these issues and eliminate the need or desire to overeat. 

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Gastric Band Package
Hypnotherapy is used to deal with many issues however results may vary from one individual to another.  Although it can be an effective treatment for many conditions it shouldn’t be regarded as a replacement for medical evaluation or treatment, and results cannot be guaranteed.

Under NICE guidelines NHS patients must receive a psychological assessment before being approved for a surgical gastric band, and also receive regular aftercare appointments.  The non-surgical Virtual Gastric Band programme works along a similar process using hypnotherapeutic, counselling and psychological techniques.  There is a Virtual Gastric Band programme to meet all of your needs:

The Virtual Gastric Band Programme (£350) offers you:

  • ·         A free consultation for a full assessment of your needs

  • ·         1st hypnotherapy session to deal with cravings

  • ·         2nd session deals with any emotional issues

  • ·         3rd session pre op

  • ·         4th session – Gastric Band Procedure

  • ·         5th Session – Follow up session session for in-fills or assessment

  • ·         3 CDs for in between sessions

  • ·         Weekly Motivational Text and Follow Up

The Virtual Gastric Band Programme is ideal for you if you like to plan ahead and know that weight loss is never easy.  You may have 3 stone or more to lose or simply have a long term goal and know that ongoing support, therapy and counselling is the key to getting to target and maintaining your weight long term.


Virtual Gastric Band In-Fills (£25):

Typically in the first year you will need to see your doctor up to five times when a surgical gastric band is fitted to find the proper fit. Overfilling a gastric band can prevent people from eating whilst underfilling can prevent the band from doing its job.  Unfortunately there are no established protocols for finding the right fill level and it's just a process of constant trial and error.  After the first twelve months most surgeons want to see you twice a year to make adjustments.  

As the virtual gastric process is designed to replicate the surgical process to some extent, the process is similar and in-fills are available on request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

*Am I suitable for a Gastric Band Procedure?

If you are over the age of 18, are more than 3st overweight and have no psychological or physiological problems which would prevent you from having hypnotherapy, then you are suitable for this kind of procedure.   Furthermore, you will already be aware that Gastric Band Hypnosis requires commitment and is a long term process – much the same as the surgical gastric band procedure but without the risk of invasive surgery, pain or after effects and a four figure financial outlay.

 *Is it guaranteed to work?

The only one who can make this a success is you.  If you are not committed to losing weight or making changes to your lifestyle, success may be unlikely.  However, the subconscious mind is very powerful and you will acquire the tools and the ability to achieve your goals, and it will be up to you to utilise them.

Do you offer any guarantees or refund the fee if it doesn't work for me?

Obviously I cannot offer any guarantees that a hypnotic band procedure will work for you, in the same way that no surgeon can guarantee that an actual, surgically fitted, gastric band will work particularly as you are paying for time - in fact, a surgeon will tell you that about 70% of the effectiveness of the procedure is reliant on the efforts you put in and it's just the same for this programme.  

I can guarantee that I will do my best to help you and I will take you through the various hypnotherapy sessions which will further help you to make permanent changes.  If you are unable to make these changes it often means you are not ready to do so.  There can be many reasons for this kind of resistance but the commonest is a hidden agenda or secondary gain.   

A couple of years ago, I treated a client who suffered from panic attacks and had already been for counselling sessions for this.  It became apparent that she was very worried about losing her disability benefits if her condition improved, and this was her hidden agenda.  Her sessions had to address the pros and cons of dealing with her panic attacks and opening up a brand new life for her, outside of her home.   It is much the same for many people trying to lose weight and coping with other issues at the same time.

Remember - there is no 'magic wand' and a certain amount of any success in you losing weight depends on the responsibility YOU are prepared to take for losing your excess weight and the effort you are prepared to put in. I can help you to achieve your goal of losing weight but I cannot do it for you.   

For these reasons I do not offer to refund fees as this, in itself, is a disincentive for you to make the necessary effort to change your behaviour and habits and the mere suggestion that you may not be successful is a negative in itself, which against the whole theory of hypnosis.  In addition to this, clients have issues of low-self esteem, confidence, or a lack of will power and this being the case, the need to remain positive becomes even more important.

How will Gastric Band Hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis can be described as a very deep relaxed state.  Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, but many some people say it is rather like a feeling of weightlessness, the way one feels just before you drop off to sleep, or simply calm and peaceful.  Either way, it is a pleasant experience and you cannot be made to do or say anything you do not wish.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person