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Why not try our Virtual Gastric Band Program to lose weight and deal with your food cravings all in one go as seen on TV’s Channel 4 “How to Lose Weight Well”?

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Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy which can be used to create subconscious change in people in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. Although it can be used to deal with many issues results may vary from one individual to another and it shouldn’t be regarded as a replacement for medical evaluation or treatment, and results cannot be guaranteed.
No Smoking  Weight Loss Despair

*Smoking and Addictions

*Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

*Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

A combination of cognitive therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy could help you quit smoking and deal with other addictions.


 There are many reasons why people smoke, however once a proper assessment has been made, and you really want to quit smoking, one session may be all you need. 


Other addictions can also be helped with hypnosis, and as long as this is what you really want and with your cooperation, I will do what it takes to help you deal with your addiction.

Dealing with weight issues and trying to stay slim and healthy can be difficult.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, calm process which can bring about the necessary behavioural changes to help you achieve your goals.

Several treatment packages are available for those who want to lose weight, including Gastric Band Hypnosis.  A proper assessment will help decide which is the best for you. .
Many people suffer from anxiety.  These anxious feelings can in some cases be accompanied by acute stress, physical symptoms or panic attacks.

Although anxiety is a normal reaction to worrying situations, the impact this can have on daily life can become severe and the effect on the quality of life overwhelming. With the variety of techniques available, hypnotherapy can help. .

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person